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chiswick children kickboxing classes
Chiswick children kickboxing
Arts Educational Schools, 14 Bath Rd, London W4 1LY
Days & Times Tuesday 6.15pm to 7.15pm Google map
Thursday 6.15pm to 7.15pm
Instructor Antonio Santo  
Telephone 07779593335  
  Kickboxing grade Black Belt, 5th Dan
  Qualifications Kickboxing Instructor, Black Belt 5th Dan, ACS (Award in Coaching studies), AET (Award in Education & Teaching), KravMaga Instructor Course (1st part) CRB-DBS, First Aid, Health & Safety
  Antonio developed an interest in Martial Arts at an early age and inspired by several Martial Artists, mostly kickboxers, he found his Martial Arts "home" in Kickboxing. After several years of training, he attained his Black belt, 1st Dan and later qualified as an Instructor. Antonio has accompanied the development and progress of kickboxing and has studied and trained with coaches of European type kickboxing and Thai Boxing. He has now been teaching Kickboxing and self defence to both adults and children for over 18 years. Antonio has coached British champions and trained people from all walks of life, including several celebrities. Antonio also runs Martial Arts weapons courses, namely the Nunchaku and is the Head Instructor and founder of London Kickboxing.
kickboxing chiswick kickboxing classes chiswick martial arts self-defence west london  
Club membership: £42.50 per calendar month for unlimited training. (Any number of classes at all our venues)
Kickboxing Licence: £27.50 per year (Free club uniform with first Licence application)
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